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MS- 1-10

Mini-symposium title 

1-10 – Mechanics of Additive Manufactured Materials  


Catrin Davies (Imperial College London), Noel Harrison (NUI Galway) 

Mini-symposium description 

Additive Manufacturing (AM, 3D-Printing) is now firmly established as the manufacturing process of choice across multiple sectors, including medical device and aerospace and other highly regulated industries. This transformative process has launched a new era of product innovation, and process development. In parallel, AM materials research is advancing our understanding of, and our ability to predict and control, material formation within the complex multiscale multiphysics layer-by-layer processes, and through post-process treatments and ultimate in-service mechanical performances. 

This mini-symposium focuses specifically on the mechanics of AM manufactured materials including metal, polymer, composite and ceramic printing, functional graded materials and 4D AM materials. Studies that include experimental characterisation of mechanical properties, microscopy or in-process measurement techniques for residual stress, deformation, defects and microstructural evolution, and their effects on mechanical properties of AM material are particularly welcome. This mini-symposium is a forum for presenting and discussing the state-of-the-art in process-structure-property methods and know-how for AM materials. 

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