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MS- 1-4

Mini-symposium title 

1-4 – Mechanics of Textile Composite Reinforcements and Fibrous Materials 


Philippe Boisse (Université de Lyon), Stepan Lomov (KU Leuven), Dmytro Vasiukov (IMT Lille Douai) 

Mini-symposium description 

This mini-symposium concerns mechanics of fibrous materials and in particular of textile composite reinforcements. The mechanical behaviour of these materials is very specific because of the possible motions between fibres that lead to small rigidities except the tensile stiffness that is large and gives to the material a quasi-inextensibility in this direction. The modelling of this mechanical behaviour is important in several domains such as forming of the composite reinforcements and prepregs or bio-mechanical applications. The analyses at the different scales of the fibrous material will be concerned: from macroscopic scale (the scale of the part), mesoscopic scale (the scale of the yarn), microscopic scale (the scale of the fibre), nanoscopic scale (the scale of the nano reinforcements). 

 The symposium will consist of four subsections:

  1. Deformations of composite reinforcements:  Experimental methods and models 

  2. Geometrical and numerical models of fibrous materials 

  3. Modelling of forming of composite reinforcements 

  4. Mechanics of nano-scale fibrous materials 

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