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MS- 2-6

Mini-symposium title 

2-6 – Mechanics of Biodegradable Materials      


Lorenza Petrini (Politecnico di Milano), Joao Silva Soares (Virginia Commowealth University), William Ronan (NUI Galway) 

Mini-symposium description 

Biodegradable materials have yet to realise their potential for widespread use in medical devices. Despite their early promise to reduce the multitude of risks associated with permanent devices, biodegradable platforms have not met translational expectations and only a few have reached clinical trials. In this mini-symposium, we invite submissions on the most recent advances in the study, characterisation, development, and verification of biodegradable materials and their applications in biomechanics and medical devices.  


We welcome abstracts on all biodegradable/bioresorbable materials, including polymers, metals and hybrid/composite materials. Experimental, computational, and theoretical studies across all length scales from micromechanical material studies to simulations of full devices are invited to submit.

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