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MS- 2-9

Mini-symposium title 

2-9 – Mechanics of Cardiovascular Implants and Devices: Modelling, Imaging and Testing    


Francesco Migliavacca (Politecnico di Milano), Michael Walsh (University of Limerick), Claire Conway (RCSI, Dublin) 

Mini-symposium description 

Cardiovascular implants and devices are bringing together engineers, device manufactures, clinicians and regulatory bodies. This mini-symposium aims to present the latest advances in the mechanics of implantable cardiovascular devices merging numerical simulations, based on the most advanced imaging techniques, and experimental testing. The interaction of the device with the biological tissue will be an important aspect of this mini-symposium. Also, the verification and validation phases for a numerical simulation will be one focus of this mini-symposium together with the uncertainty quantification. 


Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  1. Structural analysis, deployment, and positioning of implants in portions of the cardiovascular system 

  2. Hemodynamic analysis, design, and development of cardiovascular devices 

  3. Fluid-structure interaction analysis of cardiovascular devices, in particular heart valves 

  4. Design and optimization of vascular and valve prostheses. 

  5. Analysis of cardiac support devices. 

  6. Modelling of patient-specific treatments 

  7. Validation of numerical models for cardiovascular implants. 

  8. Image based analysis of medical devices. 

  9. Reduced order models for numerical predictions of implanted devices. 

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