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MS- 3-4

Mini-symposium title 

3-4 – Mechanics and Physics of Dense Granular Media: Experiments, Theory and Modelling         


Lou Kondic (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Corey O'Hern (Yale University), Alessandro Gajo (University of Trento), Ken Kamrin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stefan Luding (University of Twente) 

Mini-symposium description 

Dense granular media are of widespread importance in a number of applications involving both static and evolving granular matter. Understanding the response of granular-based systems in applications requires detailed understand of the connection of basic building blocks and their interactions with the macroscale properties of the systems considered. Developing such connections requires better understanding of the relevant physical mechanisms on the scales that range from micro, to meso and macro. While significant progress has been reached during last decades on understanding relevant physical mechanisms, there is still much to be learned about these systems regarding in particular: 
(i)    the physics of particle-scale interactions, 
(ii)    studies of particle rearrangements, shear transformation zones and other collective particle motion,
(iii)    mathematical properties of the models describing mesoscale properties of granular systems, and
(iv)    general features of multiscale models that will bridge the different spatial and temporal scales of interest. 
We envision a mini-symposium bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers that will discuss a wide range of topics concerning the physics of dense granular matter, including but not limited to new experiments considering dry and wet granular systems as well as suspensions, discrete element method/molecular dynamics simulations of granular materials, various methods developed recently to quantify the internal structure of granular systems, as well as new continuum and mesoscopic models bridging between static and flowing systems.

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