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MS- 3-8

Mini-symposium title 

3-8 – Recent Advances in Damage Mechanics       


Claudia Comi (Politecnico di Milano), Jean-Francois Molinari (EPFL, Lausanne), Nicolas Moës (Ecole Centrale de Nantes) 

Mini-symposium description 

This mini-symposium is focused on the recent advances achieved in damage mechanics, in different areas, from the theoretical, experimental, numerical and industrial application points of view. The symposium is intended to provide a forum of discussion between interdisciplinary groups of researchers and to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas and information among engineers, physicists and mathematicians. 

In particular, but the list is not comprehensive, contributions on the following topics are welcome: 

  • Coupling of damage with other dissipative mechanisms in traditional and innovative materials; 

  • Advances in damage modeling accounting for anisotropic, cyclic or dynamical behaviors; 

  • Instability phenomena in damage models; 

  • Nonlocal and enhanced damage models; 

  • Phase-field formulations; 

  • Multiphysics damage processes in porous materials; 

  • Damage and damage tolerance in metamaterials; 

  • Direct and indirect damage measurement methods; 

  • Multiscale approaches to bridge microstructural failure mechanisms to macroscopic non local models; 

  • Link between damage processes and fracture mechanics; 

  • Robust numerical methods for complex structural damage analyses up to failure. 

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