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MS- 4-2

Mini-symposium title 

4-2 – In situ Mechanics of Materials      


Eric Maire (INSA Lyon), Thomas Pardoen (Université catholique de Louvain)  

Mini-symposium description 

Mechanical characterization of materials is a key component of experimental mechanics. There is a long history and expertise of material's testing in research laboratories and testing services in companies. About three decades ago, in situ mechanical testing has emerged as a new sub-part of mechanical characterization. In situ experiments in different microscopes or coupled to other characterization devices have become powerful tools for experimental mechanics. 

This mini symposium aims at gathering active researchers and engineers in this research domain to present and discuss the current trends. It is foreseen that fruitful discussion could be generated around talks dealing with in situ characterization in SEM, TEM, AFM, optical microscopy, X-Ray, neutron and electrons characterization (both imaging, diffusion and diffraction). 

Special emphasis will be put on 2D, 3D and more Ds characterization of materials under mechanical loading and also in situ characterization at the very local scale (in situ TEM, MeMS based micro- or nano-testing). 

All aspects ranging from the implementation of the tests, their post processing (full field measurement by image and volume correlation), the novel understanding of the deformation, fracture and tribology phenomena unravelled owing to these in situ techniques, and the modelling of the results compared with experimental investigations are foreseen to be of interest for the audience. 

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