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MS- 5-3

Mini-symposium title 

5-3 – Modeling and Simulation Methods in Metal Additive Manufacturing          


Ignacio Romero (Technical University of Madrid), Adrian Lew (Stanford University)  

Mini-symposium description 

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals is an exciting technology that, in the next decade, will enable radical improvements across industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and biomedical sectors. However, advances in any of the existing AM flavors (SLM, EBM, binder jetting, drop-on-demand, etc.) will require a better understanding of the non-equilibrium thermodynamic processes that arise during manufacturing. These lead to difficulties in printing some alloys, process-dependent microstructural features and mechanical properties, and ultimately to issues with qualification of printed parts to a desired performance. Driven by this complexity, new models and numerical methods become indispensable for the progress of AM technology.  

We invite contributions in modeling and simulation of AM processes for any of the technologies used in metal printing. This could include, among others, numerical methods and models for solidification, coupled thermomechanics, data-informed microstructural prediction, HPC solutions, etc.

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