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MS- 6-1

Mini-symposium title 

6-1 – Nonlinear Dynamics in Mechanical and Structural Systems       


Sergey Sorokin (Aalborg University), Jon Juel Thomsen (Technical University of Denmark), Giuseppe Rega (Sapienza University of Rome), Ashu Sharma (Auburn University)

Mini-symposium description 

The mini-symposium will be focused on recent advancements in nonlinear vibrations of mechanical and structural systems, and related subjects. Topics to be covered by this mini-symposium include, but are not limited to:


  • Nonlinear vibrations and acoustics of structural and machine elements 

  • Bifurcations and stability of systems  

  • Exploiting nonlinear dynamics for engineering design: smart structures and devices 

  • Nonlinear wave propagation in mechanical systems 

  • Micro/nano-electro-mechanical nonlinear systems 

  • Slow-fast nonlinear systems and phenomena 

  • Energy harvesting using nonlinearity 

  • Fluid-structure interaction and coupled problems 

  • Reduced-order and data-driven modelling of nonlinear systems 

  • Time- and/or space-periodic nonlinear systems 

  • Nonlinear modelling of friction and damping 

  • Vibro-impact processes and analysis 

  • Computational nonlinear dynamics 

  • Experimental methods in nonlinear dynamics 

  • System identification of structural nonlinearity 

  • Systems with time-delay  

  • Structural health monitoring based on nonlinear features 

  • Nonlinear vibrations for sensing applications 

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