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MS- 6-2

Mini-symposium title 

6-2 – Elastic Metamaterials        


Alexander Movchan (University of Liverpool), Sebastien Guenneau (CNRS-Imperial College London), Diego Misseroni (University of Trento) 

Mini-symposium description 

Elastic Metamaterials is a vibrant topic at the frontier between solid mechanics, wave physics and civil engineering. For instance, low frequency stop bands associated with locally resonant phononic and platonic crystals have potential applications ranging from noise reduction for car and aeronautic industries to reduction of bridge swaying to seismic shields in civil engineering.  

One of the important feature of multi-scale lattice systems is the dynamic anisotropy, and dispersion degeneracies. An important class of dispersion degeneracies is connected to the formation of the so-called Dirac cones. Dirac cones play a prominent role for the appearance of symmetry-induced edge states in topological crystals. Gradually varying topological crystals allows for localization of elastic edge waves via the rainbow effect. Time-modulation of such structures further adds non-reciprocal effects, such as some form of chiral elasticity. Although for problems of acoustics, many of such contemporary problems are well understood, for vector elastic structures analytical, computational and practical challenges remain important. 

The mini-symposium will include presentations with the focus on the recent work on the dynamics of micro-structured solids, including the theory, the novel numerical approaches and applications.

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