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MS- 7-3

Mini-symposium title 

7-3 – Novel Microstructured and Microarchitected Materials           


Michele Brun (University of Cagliari), Vincent Pagneux (Lab. Acoustique Univ. Maine - CNRS) 

Mini-symposium description 

The recent possibilities to architecture new microstructures has opened the possibility to obtain materials and structures with unprecedented physical properties. The driving effect can be passive, due to the interaction of the external fields with the microstructure, or active, due to possible multiphysical interactions. Possible applications may include auxetic materials, negative thermal expansion, parity-time symmetry breaking, non-reciprocity, topological metamaterials, metasurfaces and perfect absorption. 

In the mini-symposium we aim to bring together researchers from mechanics, physics, mathematics, materials science, etc. to discuss the state of the art in advanced materials and structure including new designs, analytical and numerical models and experiments. 

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