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MS- 7-5

Mini-symposium title 

7-5 – Mechanics of Flexible Structures             


Vikram Pakrashi (University College Dublin), Gordan Jelenić (University of Rijeka) 

Mini-symposium description 

The impact of flexible structures is being increasingly felt, with rapid evolution of sectors like renewable energy, biomedical engineering and Industry 4.0. Understanding of the mechanics of flexible structures, particularly highly flexible ones, along with numerical and experimental techniques and applications are thus critical for the successful progress of these sectors, but there also remain several un(re)solved scientific, engineering and technological challenges at a fundamental level. This mini-symposium intends to showcase select theoretical, numerical and experimental research (globally) around fundamental and applied topics on flexible structures. Combined, the papers are expected to represent and provide insight to many application areas characterised by pronounced flexibility covering a wide range of geometric scales, nonlinearities, stochasticity and dynamics, as well as other relevant aspects through fundamental physics, numerical simulations, testing, monitoring and control to name a few. We hope that researchers around the world working on this topic will use this mini-symposium as an important platform for disseminating their results and for interaction with like-minded people. 


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