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MS- 8-4

Mini-symposium title 

8-4 – Multiscale Materials Modelling from Atoms to Macroscale             


Siegfried Schmauder (University of Stuttgart), Somnath Ghosh (Johns Hopkins University), William Curtin (EPFL, Lausanne), Vera Petrova (University of Stuttgart) 

Mini-symposium description 

Advances in micro-manufacturing, nano-technology, and additive manufacturing are presenting unique opportunities to tailor the mechanical and physical (e.g., thermal, electronic, magnetic, optical) properties of materials at the atomic scale. Miniaturized structural components and functional devices in new technologies, such as micro-electromechanical systems and micro-engines, must maintain their structural integrity and reliability during their service life. The performance of macroscale components also depends on nanoscale behavior, and new classes of materials (high entropy alloy metals and oxides, lightweight alloys, superhard materials) required understanding of how atomic scale features translate to macroscopic performance. Characterization of the mechanical properties in all of these materials systems requires both the tools and the theory to obtain and analyze information over multiple length and time scales. 


The Mini-Symposium will concentrate on new ideas in multiscale materials modelling of a wide range of materials. It aims to bring together experts across the disciplines to discuss new models and new trends in this field. 


The topics of the present symposium focus on the following aspects relevant to all classes of materials (ceramics, electronic materials, metals and alloys, polymers, composites): 

  • Micromechanics of deformation 

  • Microstructural aspects of fracture 

  • Atomistic studies of deformation and fracture 

  • Micromechanical modelling at different length scales 

  • Sequential (hierarchical) and concurrent (simultaneous) multiscale modelling approaches  

  • Application of machine learning/AI in multiscale modeling of materials 

  • Multiscale modeling for process-structure-property linkages of additive manufacturing 

  • Novel experimental methods 

  • New theoretical and numerical methods and applications 


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