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General Sessions

The General Sessions for this conference have been organised into eight main areas:

Mechanics of Materials

Multiphase Materials; Composite Materials; Hybrid Materials; Crystalline Materials; Micromaterials; Nanomaterials; Additive Manufactured Materials; Surface Coatings; Smart Materials; Material Modelling and Constitutive Laws; Phase Transitions; Damage, Fatigue and Fracture

Biomechanics and Medical Implants

Computational Biomechanics; Cell Mechanics; Hard and Soft Tissue Mechanics; Biomaterials and Tissue Engineered Structures; Mechanobiology; Mechanics of Implants and Devices for Orthopaedic, Osteochondral, Cardiovascular, Peripheral, Neural, Respiratory and other applications; Bioresorbable Implants; Smart Implants and Devices

Continuum Mechanics

Elasticity, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity and Viscoplasticity; Damage, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics; Contact Mechanics and Tribology; Localisation and Instabilities; Micro- and Nanomechanics; Homogenisation; Non-classical and Non-local Theories; Continua and Structures; Active Materials

Experimental Mechanics

Experimental Analysis; Experimental Methods; Imaging Modalities; Instrumentation; In-situ Methods; Non-destructive Evaluation; Inverse Methods

Computational Mechanics

Finite Element Methods; Extended and Enriched FE Methods; Discretisation; Meshless Methods; Fluid-Structure Interactions; High Performance Computing; Damage and Fracture Modelling; Computational Imaging and Visualisation; Optimisation and Design; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Methods in Solid Mechanics; Probabilistic Mechanics; Modelling in Additive Manufacturing

Dynamics, Waves and Metamaterials
Dynamics; Waves; Metamaterials; Acoustics; Mechanical Vibration and Control; Multibody Dynamics; Non-linear Dynamics; Non-linear Waves

Structural Mechanics

Beams and Rods; Plates and Shells; Composite Structures; Structural Stability; Structural Testing; Offshore Structures; Seismic Analysis

Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems

Multiphysics Analyses; Porous Media; Fluid-Structure Interactions; Chemomechanics; Electromechanics; Thermomechanics; Magnetomechanics; Mechanics in Biodegradation; Mechanics in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technologies; Multiscale Analyses; Atomic-scale to Continuum-scale Analyses; Discrete Dislocation Methods; Molecular Dynamics and Atomistics

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