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MS- 1-12

Mini-symposium title 

1-12 – Polymer Mechanics   


Gary Menary (Queen’s University Belfast), Alex Lennon (Queen’s University Belfast) 

Mini-symposium description 

The goal of the symposia is to discuss recent advances in measuring and modelling the mechanical behaviour of polymers.  Contributions based on experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches leading to a better understanding of the relationship between material properties, process history and performance of polymers are encouraged.   


Topics of interest include: 

  • Experiments measuring polymer microstructure and correlating it with mechanical properties 

  • Experimental methods including using large deformation uniaxial and/or multiaxial tests and tests focussing on viscoelastic behaviour 

  • Multiscale modelling of polymers 

  • Constitutive modelling of polymers 

  • Creep behaviour  

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence for modelling polymer behaviour 

  • Mechanics of polymer nanocomposite behaviour 

  • Application of polymer mechanics for solving practical problems.

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