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MS- 3-11

Mini-symposium title 

3-11 – Mechanics of Fatigue and Fretting    


Seán Leen (NUI Galway), David Nowell (Imperial College London), Siegfried Fouvry (École Centrale de Lyon) 

Mini-symposium description 

The aim of this mini-symposium is to facilitate the communications of recent and current progress in the topics of mechanics of fatigue and fretting. Submissions are welcomed in relation to the development of experimental, computational and theoretical approaches and methodologies, with applications across the broad range of industrial applications and societal challenges, including energy (especially renewable), biomedical (including pharmaceutical), aerospace, transport, marine, advanced manufacturing (e.g. additive, joining, welding), structural. Some example themes are as follows:  

  • Variable loading conditions (How to deal with cumulative damage) 

  • Interactions between fatigue, fretting and corrosion processes, such as offshore applications  

  • Fatigue, fretting and palliatives, e.g. beneficial residual stress treatments, coatings  

  • Fretting fatigue damage evolution as a function of applied displacement amplitude: interaction between wear, fatigue cracking and plasticity 

  • Fatigue and fretting damage prediction: stress gradient effects for prediction of crack nucleation  

  • Crack propagation for fatigue and fretting fatigue.  

  • Multi-scale fatigue and fretting analysis, e.g. how a local mono contact analysis can be extrapolated to predict fatigue and fretting for multi-contact assemblies (e.g. multi-strand cable applications); crystal plasticity modelling for fretting and fatigue. 

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