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MS- 8-1

Mini-symposium title 

8-1 – Multi-scale Solids and Homogenization             


Natasha Movchan (University of Liverpool), Daniel Colquitt (University of Liverpool), Ross McPhedran (University of Sydney) 

Mini-symposium description 

In recent years, the study of the behaviour of waves in multiscale solids has enjoyed a huge surge of interest across mathematics, physics, engineering, geology, and oceanography. This mini-symposium will bring together experts from all fields related to the mathematical modelling of wave propagation in, and homogenisation of, structured multiscale solids. 

Whilst the main focus of the mini-symposium is on analytical, asymptotic, and numerical techniques, we also welcome contributions based on experimental approaches. It is hoped that contributions from world-leading experts in a broad range of fields will facilitate the exchange of new ideas and perspectives as well as highlighting the very latest developments in this rapidly changing area. 


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