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MS- 8-5

Mini-symposium title 

8-5 – Composites Manufacturing and Joining: New Developments for More Efficient Structures              


Ronan O'Higgins (University of Limerick), Irene Fernandez Villegas (TU Delft), Ben Woods (University of Bristol) 

Mini-symposium description 

This mini-symposium will focus on novel developments in composites manufacturing and joining. In recent years, composite materials have found increasing application in high performance structures due to their excellent specific properties. New manufacturing and joining processes are key enabling technologies for wider adoption of composite materials to replace more conventional material systems. In addition, these new processes will allow the implementation of more efficient composite design methods, which would not be viable using conventional processing methods. The mini-symposium is aimed at bringing together researchers working in this field to share and present their work. 

The mini-symposium will consider topics such as: 

  • Additive manufacturing techniques for composite structures, e.g. automated tape lay-up (ATL) and 3D printing 

  • Novel joining methods for composite-to-composite and metal-to-composite joints 

  • High through-put composite processing methods 

  • Processing methods for highly functionalised composites (surface coats and health monitoring applications) 

  • Processing of variable stiffness and strength composite structures 


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